Scatter Cushions - Organic Hues

Natural organic greens

Explore our range of organic-toned scatter cushions by Cane-line and Fermob.


This page features our selection of green hues which will certainly give an earthy lift to any outdoor space - choosing green tones in your leafy garden enhances the feeling of being surrounded by green, while choosing leafy greens in an urban garden crates an impression of the nature that may be lacking.


The Cane-line Wove and Link ranges feature beautiful greens in gorgeous, Danish hues.


Pair the light green tones and natural textures of Wove cushions with natural textures like a rattan weave for a cosy and down-to-earth outdoor seating area. Wove cushions pictured above are placed on a Nest Outdoor Sofa.


For darker green tones choose Link or Divine in dark green. These cushions feature a weave texture for extra sophistication.




If you are looking for richer green tones be sure to check out the Cane-line Divine range. The Divine olive green cushion is a bright almost lime green that is reminiscent of new spring shoots and fresh growth. The Divine dark green cushion has a beautiful depth similar to the deep greens of mature trees.


Placing olive green Divine cushions with groupings of neutral colours will make the green stand out as a bright colour pop. The full Divine range also includes footstools in matching and complementary colours.



Place Divine olive greens and turquoises together for a bright and quirky combination. Cane-line On-The-Move side tables (pictured above) come in a variety of colours to compliment any colour accent.


The Cane-line Wove, Link and Divine cushions all come in square and rectangular versions:


Wove Square

Wove Rectangular

Link Square

Link Rectangular



Fermob's organic plain cushions are perfect for pairing with other bright patterns for a vibrant and dynamic seating area. Fermob's Colourful Decorative Outdoor Scatter Cushions come in a variety of colours which you can mix and match with other cushions for an eclectic selection of cushions.


Above, safari green plain scatter cushions are mixed with Trefle cushions in capucine and cedar green, the greens really drawing out the green of the nature that surrounds the cushions.



Fermob bold cushions feature patterns are cheery and proud and will definitely brighten up any outdoor space. The Envie D’Allieurs Bananes Cushion has a bright lime green pattern which can be matched with the Envie D'Ailleures Melons Cushion in jade green, with a complimentary Envie D'Ailleures Pasteques Cushion in turquoise blue.


Choose the Lorette cushion in sage green for a setting which requires a little more chateau-chic. Match these cushions with Balad lamps in Cactus for evening or night time lounging.

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