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One of the world’s oldest and largest producers of rattan furniture, focusing on focusing comfort, quality and design.

 Sika-Design was established in 1940 in Denmark and rapidly revolutionised the production of rattan furniture focusing on comfort, quality and design. The factories used to make this beautiful rattan furniture are located in Indonesia, where the wickerwork is a traditional craftsmanship, which is passed down from generation to generation.

Traditional craftsmanship meets classic design

One of the natural attributes of the rattan plant, is that it forms a symbiosis with the surrounding trees, so rattan needs the rainforest to thrive. As a natural raw material, rattan grows very quickly and is usually harvested by local farmers. The rattan harvest is done by hand, using only a few machines in the process. The rattan stems only need to be steamed for 10-15 minutes, before it can be formed and weaved by the skillful weavers.

Over the years Sika-Design has worked in conjunction with many Danish and European furniture designers developing some iconic furniture collections such as: Arne Jacobsen, Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel, Viggo Boesen and Franco Albini who were all pioneers of their time.

Breaking new ground using experimental shapes and the sturdy materials of rattan and wicker they created sculptural and timeless iconic pieces.
With great respect and admiration for the original designs and in close collaboration with the descendants of these renowned furniture makers.

Design icons reimagined

Sika-Design have brought some of these these icons back.

Arne Jacobsen - The Paris Chair 1925.
R. Wengler - The Wengler Chair designed in 1902.
Viggo Bosen - The Fox Chair designed in 1936.
Nanna Ditzel - The Hanging Egg Chair designed in 1959.

The Rossini dining armchair is one of our favourites from Sika-Designs. It is a combination of Danish design in collaboration with the Japanese designer Yamakawa, and made by wicker workers in Indonesia using tradition weaving techniques.

Other items in our Sika-Designs range include:

Isabell Cafe Armchairs
Monet High Back Chair
Monet High Back Chair Footstool

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