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110 years of quality tools

Established 30th January 1913, Sneeboer has been universally known as a provider of handmade quality tools that will last for generations to come.

Founded by Arie Sneeboer after he served as a Gunner in the Dutch Army in the First World War, he and his 3 sons embarked on a new adventure in 1950 to produce high quality handmade garden tools from stainless steel; a material that hadn't been readily available previously.

Now with the 4th generation running Sneeboer, you will be get more than a simple garden tool to add to your collection. The passion and care put into the production and design of Sneeboer tools still continues to this day.

The Great Dixter

A range of tools developed by Sneeboer for the great gardener and garden writer Christopher Lloyd.

Including the Great Dixter planting spade perfect for planting and dividing perennials easily in borders.

Given the Royal Dutch Seal of approval in 2012 Sneeboer were made Purveyor to the Dutch Royal Court, and in recognition of this developed the Royal Dutch Hoe.

"If you are going to do something, make sure you do it right" - Arie Sneeboer

We had the pleasure of being joined by Jaap Sneeboer and Laura Sneeboer at our shop in November 2023; bringing with them some of their most popular tools, including the old Dutch planting trowel, one of the favourites of Monty Don.

If you care and look after your Sneeboer tools as much as the care they take in hand-forging and crafting these items, the tools will last a lifetime and become much loved heirlooms.

Care and Maintenance

To make your Sneeboer tools last, treat both the handle and the stainless steel components with linseed oil. In doing so, your handles will keep their wonderful bright colour, and any dirt or soil won't stick to any parts of your tools.

For a more detailed step by step care guide, follow the below:

Step 1: Clean your tools by using a hard brush to remove any dirt or rust. We recommend a brass bristle brush.

Step 2: Sharpen the sloping cutting edge of your tools, and make sure you maintain the angle. ⋆ Tip: Never use any electric tools to sharpen as the high temperatures could change the quality of the material.

Step 3: Oil your tools with a thin layer of cooked linseed oil. The cloth in which you use to spread the linseed oil can be kept away in an air-tight container, which helps to prevent the possibility of it catching fire if it were ever close to an open flame.

Step 4: Store your tools away from areas that can experience extreme temperatures and varying humidity, and be sure to keep them out of the sun. Keep the handles dry and out of reach from children.

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