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The Urban Worm

Who are The Urban Worm?

We love working with local companies and both The Worm that Turned and The Urban Worm have a passion to revitalise the earth.

The Urban Worm CIC is a social enterprise and registered Community Interest Company based in Nottingham dedicated to promoting the power of the humble earthworm to transform the way we manage our organic waste and the way we produce food.

Why do plants love worm manure?

Teeming with minerals and nutrients that are essential for the development of strong cell walls, worm manure contains the grown hormones auxins and cytokinins that promote fibrous roots and healthy plant developments.

Just one tablespoon provides enough nutrients for a plant to thrive throughout the growing season.

Worm manure also contains high levels of Chitinase, which is a natural insect repellent as well as fungus eating nematodes and protozoa.

The cylindrical shape prevents compaction, aiding drainage and root development. The manure can hold up to 50% moisture, building resilience against drought and heavy rainfall.

Magic Manure

Introducing Magic Manure! Simply mix as little as 10-20% with compost to feed a plant throughout the growing season. Retaining 50% moisture, worm manure is particularly suitable for hanging baskets and vertical gardens. Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants, odourless and safe.

Brewing Bags

With the Brewing Bags, you can brew your own liquid fertiliser and foliar spray to keep your plants thriving and resistant to pests and disease. Each box contains 8 brew bags of pure worm manure and each bag makes up to 6 litres of fertiliser. After use, scatter contents around the base of a plant or mix with compost. The 100% biodegradable brew bags are made from corn starch.