What is modular furniture?

When looking at inspiration for outdoor furniture, we’ve all seen great, big arrangements that look so inviting; perfect for gatherings in a garden or around a pool, and we wonder: 'How is that made?'

More often than not, it’s modular furniture.

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The term ‘modular’ refers to individual pieces of furniture, or ‘modules’, that can be put together with other modules to flexibly tailor a space to your liking.

The sky’s the limit with how creative you can be!

How does it work?

Different brands will have a variety of options you can choose from in their ranges of modular furniture.

A basic arrangement could be a left and right 2 seater sofa together and a coffee table in the middle for a simple, yet cosy set.

The joys of modular furniture means the pieces you have can be reconfigurable at any time, and you can always add more to your collection depending on your own personal style.

Modular Furniture Favourites

Some of our favourite modular collections come in all shapes and styles.

These elegantly modern collections highlight the sharp lines and smooth connections made between units, however make sure to bring an effortless style to the designs.

Enjoy timeless style with these collections. The option of teak brings about a traditional yet beautifully refined feel to the modules, and the plush cushions are so inviting you'll want to spend as much time relaxing outside!

Please note: White cushions unavailable

Inject some colour into your outdoor space with these collections. Making sure to have thick and comfy cushions, these collections can add fun and excitement as well as comfort and relaxation!

Get inspired

We understand there may be a lot of choice when you first begin looking into the perfect pieces for your modular set, so we've created something to give you a little helping hand.

Our modular collection pages help you to "Get the look" meaning you can get your desired set with a few taps or clicks of a button.

Visit the modular page for the collection you would like to view, and tap or click the "See modular ideas" button. This will show you our recommended ideas, and show you information about cost, and what pieces of furniture are used to create the set.

If you see a set you would like to purchase, tap or click the button underneath the image containing the price. This will direct you towards the bottom of the page for you to view the pieces of furniture in that set, and will allow you to customise those pieces further.

Once you're happy with the customisations you've made, or you're simply happy with the set as it has been shown, tap or click the "Add Selection to Basket", and you're ready to check out!


• Explore the "See finishes" button to have a more detailed look at what fabrics or materials have been used in the collection.

• Tap or click the "Select modules & accessories" button to view all the pieces of furniture in the collection, and accessories you could add as final touches.

• If you're wanting more advice, we'd be more than happy to arrange a telephone consultation. Simply tap or click "Please call me to discuss" and you will see a calendar for you to choose a date and time suitable to your schedule.

Our Design Service

Along with our customer-friendly modular page to help you "Get the look" we also offer a free design service that can help you visualise your ideal modular set.

On request, we will create you a personalised moodboard with 3D visuals tailored to your idea, and will include images of your desired pieces of furniture, colours, fabrics, and even layout to help you decide.

In addition, we are able to send to you free swatches, and further give you advice to answer any other questions you have.

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For more information

Whichever brand you decide to choose for your outdoor modular furniture, our team is on hand to help with any questions you may have, or even to give you more ideas for your perfect outdoor space.

If you have any queries or would like to place an order please contact us on customerservice@worm.co.uk or 0345 605 2505 and speak to a member of our sales team today.