Bee Friendly Seeds

Grow these 3 nectar rich flowers - Bees will love you for it!

Honey bees, bumblebees and solitary bees are declining at an alarming rate which is bad news for the bees and bad news for us as bees pollinate about 75% of our plants.

Now Bees need all the help we can give them.

These 3 seed varieties will help bees find the food they really need.

Scabious 'Oxford Blue' - This easy to grow hardy annual produces masses of stunning mid-blue, pin cushion flower heads. This is loved by bees and butterflies and can be used as a cut flower too.

Love In A Mist 'Miss Jekyll' - Beautiful and easy to grow, bearing sky-blue flowers. They provide a charming show of bloom during then summer months. Very useful for bedding and cutting and the seed pods can be dried for winter decoration indoors.

Cornflower 'Drawf Jubilee Gem' - A fantastic bedding variety with large, double, deep blue flowers, above compact, bushy plants. Makes a striking low hedge and also makes a delightful feature for patio containers.

Bee Friendly Seeds - Blue Flowers


Size (cm): 26×12×1
Ref: TW-7834
Weight: 53g

Bee Friendly Seeds - Blue Flowers

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Bee Friendly Seeds - Blue Flowers


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