DeliVita Pizza Dough

by DeliVita

  • £79.50
Perfect dough, perfect pizza every time! read more
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Delivita have created a range of delicious pizza dough, containing only natural ingredients, freshly frozen to enjoy in your own home. Introducing 'dough to go'; cooking made easy for you and your family.

Delivita source all their organic dough from the Pillitteri family members based in the UK. Many have tried to master the art of pizza, but the traditional methods of dough preparation have been neglected over time, affecting the quality and taste of true Neopolitan Italian pizza.

Thankfully, the Pillitteri family has consistently used traditional methods since the 1900s and has passed the art of dough preparation through its family for many generations.

Its difficult to disagree with their philosophy: “Perfect dough, perfect pizza, first time, every time”.

The most up-to-date research shows that organic crops are of a much higher nutritional quality than their non-organic counterparts. Our organic pizza dough ball ingredients include pink Himalayan rock salt, natural yeast and purified water.
Combined with organic flour, this forms a product of distinct quality and fantastic taste.

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