Firebowl Table with Lid

  • £590.00
A firepit feature for patios and terraced areas. read more
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The Firebowl table with shield lid has been designed for patios and areas in the garden as both as a barbecue, as well as creating a space to relax by the warmth of a fire.

The steel shield/lid is purposely designed to fit over the firebowl in the centre of the table.

This steel shield acts as a waterproof cover to keep the kadai in the firebowl table dry when not in use.

The shield lid can also be used as a 'snuffer' to extinguish the fire bowl safely.

The Firebowl table is complete with a lid, grill, tongs and cleaning brush along with Kadai beads which help insulate firebowl.

The large area underneath the table is ideal to be used to store logs ready for use, as well as creating an attractive, practical display.

The table top is made from mango wood and can be used to preparing food, drinks or sharing platters.

Please note: When the Firebowl is in use and at its hottest temperature, the table will get warm so be careful leaving glasses unattended for a long period of time.

Also available is a stylish curved bench is also available which creates a cosy seating area.

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