Multicolour Bottle Light

Turn empty bottles into funky table lights.

Choose your colour and set the scene...

Re-use and upcycle those empty glass bottles to create gorgeous outdoor night light holders.

The LED bottle stoppers simply fit in the top of an empty glass bottle, just like a cork!

Twist the base of the light to choose a different LED colour - pink, blue, red , clear, green ...... the choice is yours!

Rechargeable using any USB socket.

Running time: 2.5 hours. Charging time: 1 hour. Red charging indicator goes out when fully charged. Charge in any USB charger, laptop or other device with USB output. Contains internal polymer lithium ion battery.

Clear Bottle lights are also available.

Multicolour Bottle Light


Size (cm): 5.5×2.5×2.5
Ref: TW-5819
Weight: 20g

Multicolour Bottle Light

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Multicolour Bottle Light


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