Pollinating Insect Gift Sets

Pollinating Insect Gift Sets (7165419290684)
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Encourage pollinating insects into your garden. read more
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Create a pollinating insect friendly garden by sowing a display of brightly coloured flowers and give them somewhere to hibernate in over the chill winter months.

The bee tubes are ideal to encourage pollinating insects such as bees or ladybirds and lace wings to over winter in. Try tucking the bamboo tubes in nooks and crannies and crevices so the insects can find somewhere warm and dry to over winter in.

Sow some flower seed balls in the terracotta pot and use the remainder in your garden.When your flowers have finished, tip the terracotta pot on its side tuck it in a corner in the garden and fill it with some of the bamboo tubes and create an insect winter habitat.

Bees are very much under threat and these seed balls are an easy way to grow delightful wild flowers which will attract any pollinating insects into the garden.

The seed balls have been created by conservation scientists and offer a new twist on ancient techniques to increase germination rates. The seeds are encased in a protective ball of clay, compost and chilli to protect them from mice, ants and birds.

Choose from either bright blue cornflowers or eye catching oxeye daisies.

You can order extra seeds to create a larger wildflower display .

For a more display terracotta flower pots are available separately.

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