Scarola Bionda Seeds

by Franchi

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This one of the most popular endives used in Italy. read more
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This is endive is one of the better cooking varieties, with a large head with a golden heart that melts in the mouth.

Don't sow it at the same as your salads, sow it later as a winter crop. They need summer heat initially to germinate and once they have germinated they need the cold to develop. This varieties is very hardy and will tolerate sub-zero, so ideal for having a ready supply of salad all year round.

Besides by pan frying they will make a great winter salad with lardons and lashings of salad dressing...

Help the plants to blanch themselves and develop tender stems by either popping a bucket over then head or trying and keeping them closely sown together so they blanch themselves.

Sow 20cm apart or if you do leave them close together this will help them 'blanch 'themselves.

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