Native Wildflower Seed Ball Making Kit

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Make your own wildflower seed balls to sow and grow native wildflowers in balconies and borders. read more
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This kit contains everything you need to make up to 50-60 wildflower seed balls, these seeds will help fill your garden, pots or even window boxes with native wildflowers to attract bees and butterflies. seeds The technique of using seed balls created by conservation scientists, is that these seed balls offer a new twist on ancient techniques and they help increase germination rates. Native wildflowers are often slow to germinate with scattered seed eaten by ants, mice and birds. Seed balls helps to reduce this by encasing the seeds in a protective ball of clay and compost. The barrier of outer clay means the seed is inaccessible to predators but once water permeates the clay the seeds inside will germinate.

The seed balls are very easy to make but messy!

Each kit contains red clay, peat free compost and a selection of assorted native UK wild flower seeds. All you need to do is add water.

When you have made your seed balls, simply scatter on top of soil or compost and let nature do the rest, just scatter the balls in areas where you want to grow patches on natural wild flowers.

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