Campana Drainpipe Planter

  • £10.95
Turn drainpipes into floral delights with ease read more
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Transform unsightly drainpipes (and even the beautiful ones) with these delightful drainpipe planters!

Simply pot your plants as usual and effortlessly attach the bands to the back of the drainpipe.

With an integrated saucer at the base, watering is a breeze.

Plus, enjoy added stability with the included fixator, ensuring your planter stays in place.

Just wrap the Velcro strap around the drainpipe, the non-slip rubber section secures snugly behind the pipe, preventing the planter from slipping. Then, effortlessly hang your drainpipe flower pot from the clip.

There is an overflow pipe at the pot's base, ensuring excess water drains away to keep your plants thriving.

The soft, curved lines and natural texture of this drainpipe flower pot make it a stunning addition to any balcony or garden.

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