Vigoroot Potato/Tomato Planter

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A great and easy way to grow your own potatoes or tomatoes in small urban spaces, patios or on balconies. read more
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This planter is made from special Vigoroot fabric which has the ability to ‘air-prune’ the roots of plants, allowing the plants to dramatically change their formation, and be sustained in a limited volume of compost.

The Vigoroot fabric encourages more vigorous rooting, letting the plants absorb more nutrients. With air-pruning, the roots are prevented from growing too long, helping prevent the plants becoming ‘pot-bound’.

This allows the plants to grow to a much larger size in a relatively small pot, and also helps the plants become more resistant to harsh weather, pests and diseases.

The potato/tomato planter allows the plants to be easily cared for, and easy to harvest.

Of course, you could grow many other plants in this planter, from courgettes to aubergines.

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