Vitopod Propagator

by Vitopod

The Vitopod Heated Propagator is the only all-in-one height adjustable propagator, cold frame and mini greenhouse. read more

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Use the lowest height (no side layers) to propagate seeds or cuttings. When it comes to hardening off and protecting taller plants, the Vitopod propagator can be moved outside and more height added with extra side layers.

The small square Vitapod heated propagator is good for small spaces, whilst the large rectangular Vitopod heated propagator is twice the size for a bigger crop. Further extra layers can then be purchased as required.

You can fill the grow tray with pebbles and compost to grow plants in, or use shallow seed trays or grow taller plants in pots with the protection of the stacking sides.

These heated versions have a temperature range of 5c to 30c which is enough to get the most timid of seeds going. The heating elements run the length and width of the unit, thus preventing hot and cold spots.

The larger double heated Vitapod is 100watts, and the smaller square Vitapod is 50watts.

Running costs are difficult to estimate as is depends on where you are using the Vitopod, what temperature it is set to, electricity tariff etc. However as a rough guide: on an average tariff, the large rectangular Vitapod will use 1.5pence per hour, and the small square Vitapod approximately 0.75pence per hour.

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