Wormery Composter

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Use your wormery to compost your green kitchen waste organically. read more
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One of the most efficient ways to reduce waste is to compost your green kitchen waste is with a Wormery composter.

Not only do you reduce the amount of land-fill going in to your household bin, but the help of the worms this green waste will be turned in to a rich, nutritious compost which you can use to enrich your garden.

Your wormery along with producing rich compost will also generate a liquid fertiliser. When the vegetable waste is composted by the worms, the liquid from the vegetable matter will permeate through the layers to the bottom base. It can be collected from here and used as a very nutritious fertiliser. Dilute this liquid fertiliser into a plant feed.

The wormery consists of 3 layers. Start with the base layer and one empty layer, fill with chopped up green kitchen waste and vegetable peelings including tea leaves, egg shells etc. (Do not put raw or cooked meat in to the wormery). When this layer is full, add the 3rd layer, the worms will work their way to this top layer gradually turning this kitchen waste into compost.

Site the wormery in a sheltered part of the garden. It is a great way for children to learn about worms and the breakdown of organic matter, worms don't smell and are quite friendly and happy to be fed daily even by small hands.

This compact wormery is ideal for small and urban gardens.

Use tiger worms and mixed dendrobaena worms in your wormery.

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