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  • From Garden to Table: 7 Essentials for a Bountiful Harvest

From Garden to Table: 7 Essentials for a Bountiful Harvest


As the harvest season has started, you can look forward to reaping the fruits (and vegetables) of your labour.

For farmers in 2023, harvest has been particularly difficult worldwide. The ongoing war in Ukraine has affected grain farming and the current heatwave affecting much of Europe is threatening a crisis to olive oil production. In the UK, the harvest has been a little smaller than usual, this is mainly due to the increase in energy prices and some extreme weather. The Financial Times predicts shortages of leeks, cauliflowers, carrots, parsnips and more. Reduced plantings of potatoes and a cool Spring will affect the dinner staple.

All this means that making the most of your home harvest is all the more important. Harvesting more fruit and vegetables, and storing them longer, will save you money and reduce waste. To make your harvest season even more enjoyable and efficient, having the right equipment at your disposal can make all the difference. Whether you grow earthy potatoes, bright berries, or anything in between, we’ve chosen 7 products to highlight, all designed to streamline your harvest and maximise your yield. These essentials will help you make the most of your harvest and ensure a successful and fruitful season.

The Potato Harvesting Scoop 

A potato coop harvests potatoes from the earth.


First on our list is the versatile Potato Harvesting Scoop. Crafted from durable stainless steel and featuring a hardwood handle, this tool is designed to protect your precious potatoes while allowing you to sift through the soil with ease. Nothing is worse than spiking your first spud with the tine of a fork.

The sturdy construction ensures longevity, and when paired with a specialist potato bag, it helps extend the shelf life of your potatoes, ensuring they stay fresh and delicious for longer.

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The Wooden Berry Picker

A berry picker made of wood is full of blueberries.


For berry enthusiasts, the Wooden Berry Picker is a game-changer. No more struggling with thorns or delicate handling to collect the finest berries from your garden.

This purpose-built tool offers fast and efficient harvesting, minimising damage to the berries.

To preserve your freshly harvested berries, try freezing them spaced out on a tray before storing. This way, you can enjoy the taste of summer even during the colder months.

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The Royal Sussex Trug 

A wooden trug filled with different vegetables


A trug fit for a queen! In the spirit of embracing tradition, our trug emerges as a valuable tool for the harvest. Handcrafted, this classic carrier is designed to hold an array of freshly harvested fruits, vegetables and herbs. 

With a heritage going back to 1851, when Queen Victoria herself bought several Royal Sussex trugs as presents for her family, the Royal Sussex Trug is beautifully hand-made in the UK from chestnut wood.

Its open design allows for easy access and ample ventilation, ensuring your harvest remains fresh. The wooden trug adds a touch of rustic elegance to your harvest routine while keeping your precious produce organised and protected.

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The Vegetable Harvesting Knife

A curved harvesting knife is used to harvest lettuce


Harvesting thick-stemmed vegetables can sometimes be challenging, but not with a serrated vegetable harvesting knife.

Designed with a curved blade and serrated teeth, this specialised tool makes clean and easy cuts, saving you time and effort.

Whether you're harvesting hearty kale or robust broccoli, this knife will become your go-to companion, ensuring a smooth and efficient harvest.

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The Fruit Collector

A caged roller picks up apples as it is rolled along the ground


For those with many fruit-bearing trees, the Fruit Collector is an indispensable tool. No more bending and straining to pick up windfalls or shaken off fruits.

Simply roll the Fruit Collector over the ground and watch as the cage captures the fruits effortlessly. This tool not only saves your back but also prevents wastage and allows you to collect every last fruit.

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The Potato Storage Sack

A jute sack of potatoes lays on the ground

The best problem you can face when growing food, is being too successful. When faced with a particularly bountiful harvest, it can be a little overwhelming. Too often the only solution is giving away our prized parsnips to neighbours dealing with the exact same situation.

But, given a little thought and preparation, your produce can be made to last much longer. The easiest way is to store them correctly. Potatoes, for example, are best stored in a cool, dark place. The potato storage bag will keep them good even longer by properly airing them. A top tip to help potatoes last longer is to dry them completely before you store them so that the skin hardens.

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The Quattro Stagioni Jars 

An assortment of different-sized glass jars

Storing food in jars is an extremely versatile way to preserve your fresh fruit and vegetables, but you should avoid using old jam jars - their vacuum seal weakens once opened, reducing the preservation time. Instead, opt for our half-litre Quattro Stagioni jars with heat-sealable, airtight, replaceable lids, allowing you to reuse them and reduce waste.

Preserve your soft fruits, like berries, for longer using sealed jars. When cleaned thoroughly and stored in a jar, your fruits can make them last up to two weeks, you can then freeze them so they last even longer.

Alternatively, preserve food the Mediterranean way by completely drying the produce before storing, this ensures they last up to a year as a healthy snack.

You can also use the jars for pickling vegetables or making flavourful sauces and chutneys to enjoy throughout the year. With proper sealing and storage, expect your jams, pickles, and creations to last well over a year in a cool, dry place.

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As you move swiftly into the harvest season, equip yourself with these valuable tools and preservation techniques. Together, they ensure a successful and fruitful season, allowing you to maximise the rewards of your hard work, reduce waste and revel in the taste of summer even during the colder months.


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