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  • Fermob Trends 2023 - Highlighted Nature

Fermob Trends 2023 - Highlighted Nature

How to match the greenery in your garden to the concrete jungle of city living.


What is the best way to match your garden to both the concrete jungle of city living and the greenery in your garden?

Fermob attempts to answer this very question with the suitably titled colour trend: ‘Highlighted Nature’.

In a sentence, Highlighted Nature is about accenting neutral greys with pops of natural greens. This creates a furniture set that is equally at home in green, blooming gardens, or a concrete environment.

Just as we bring plants into our outdoor space to add vibrance, adding green tones like Cactus, Rosemary or Willow, to Fermob’s urban colour palette of Liquorice, Anthracite and the new Lapilli Grey, breaks up and enhances the palette of your outdoor furniture.

Accented with:

This can be done subtly, such as the example below, where a Cactus coloured trivet has been used with an anthracite table to create an appearance like a garden pond.

A cactus-coloured trivet on an Luxembourg Table with a Willow Green Mini Balad

Or it can be done on a larger scale, by dotting green chairs around a classic grey furniture set. This adds more depth to your outdoor space than using monochromatic green, which can get lost depending on its position in your garden.

We believe this colour palette is especially effective when used on a more minimalist furniture set, such as combining Plein Air Chairs with a Caractere Table.

4x Liquorice Plein Air Chairs, 4x Cactus Plein Air Chairs, Liquorice Caractere Square Table

You could also experiment with the vertical space of your furniture, we’ve used cocotte tables of different colours and heights, which is evocative of the variation of the natural world.

1x Willow Green Cocotte 45cm Tall Stool/Side Table, 1x Rosemary Cocotte Low Stool/Side table 

Like Soft Neutrality, the first colour trend of 2023, Highlighted Nature is a palette that adds to a calm atmosphere. They are colours that you won't grow out of quickly and adapt to the ever-changing palette of your outdoor space.


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