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  • Fermob Trends 2023 - Soft Neutrality

Fermob Trends 2023 - Soft Neutrality

The first new colour trend for 2023 from Fermob
Fermob Trends 2023 - Soft Neutrality: Croisette Collection


After a tumultuous few years, we could all use a little more calm in our lives.

Enter Soft Neutrality, the Fermob trend for 2023 that brings together gentle, understated and warm shades that will fit seamlessly into your outdoor space.

Colours in this trend...

Fermob Colour: Cotton White
Fermob Colour: Clay Grey
Fermob Colour: Nutmeg
Accent with...
Fermob Colour: Lapilli Grey
Fermob Colour: Frosted Lemon

With colours that emit peace and assurance, Soft Neutrality is a timeless palette that guests will appreciate and enjoy for years to come.

Taking advantage of Fermob's neutral shades will help you create an area of absolute tranquility within your own outdoor space.

The understated colour scheme also works beautifully indoors, matching up well with leather furniture and other soft tones.

The warm complexion of the soft neutrality colours promotes focus and concentration, perfect for summer days spent working from home.

Pieces we love

In order to enhance your relaxation, we recommend combining the soft neutrality colours with Fermob's supremely comfortable Bellevie Modular Collection, which allows you to personalise your furniture to your vision.
Fermob Trends 2023 - Soft Neutrality: Bellevie Collection

Bellevie Modular CollectionLeft and Right Modular Sofas in Nutmeg with Off-White Cushions, Bellevie Low Table in Clay Grey

• Accessories: Large Offset Balad Lamp Stand with Medium Balad 25cm Lamp in Nutmeg, a Medium Balad 25cm Lamp in Nutmeg on top of a Bebop Side Table in Frosted Lemon, Balad Mini Lanterns - Set of 3 in Nutmeg, and lastly, an Alto Tray in Clay Grey and a Small Alto Tray in Nutmeg


For outdoor dining, we suggest the Luxembourg collection, sophisticated and sturdy, they are ideal for long evenings talking and laughing with family and friends. The Luxembourg armchair is an especially comfortable choice.

Bellevie Collection: Bellevie Storage Table 196 x 90cm, Bellevie Chair V2 and Bellevie Bench in Clay Grey

For breakfast and a cup of tea on a balcony or patio, we suggest Bistro by Fermob. Suitable for a wide range of outdoor spaces, whether that is a balcony or a large garden. The simple yet elegant Bistro design suits the theme of soft neutrality perfectly.



Bistro Collection: Bistro Chairs in Lapilli Grey, Bistro 71cm Square Table in Clay Grey

Accessories: Small Balad Lamp Stand with Medium Balad 25cm Lamp in Nutmeg

★ Top Tip

Add a little Lapilli Grey or Frosted Lemon to accent those neutral colours. The calm tones will be perfect for easing you into the day, or helping you unwind into the evening.

For more information about the trend, see the Soft Neutrality Trend Page.


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