Bellevie Storage Table 196 x 90cm

by Fermob Outdoor Furniture

  • £2,195.00
A large, contemporary table for relaxed dining with a storage compartment along the centre of the table. read more
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Bellevie is a great table for relaxed and informal dining for 8 to 10 people.

With soft curves and a ultra flat base, Bellevie is ideal not only for alfresco family dining but also works perfectly for those who want to use it for a spot of work.

The addition the Bellevie Storage table has over the classic Bellevie is a storage rill which runs along the centre of the table allowing discreet storage of cutlery, placemats etc to be stored. Or when the table is in use a great way to hold bottles of wine or water, flowers and such.

The teak silding top neatly hides everything when the storage rill is not in use.

The Bellevie benches provide generous seating for small groups or bigger groups who are happy to cosy up! And there are also chairs available in the Bellevie collection.

Made in aluminium, Bellevie is available in 25 colours.

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