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  • Gardens Illustrated - January 2014

Gardens Illustrated - January 2014

Cloche of the Titan

The seed ruler is a great example - it helps when planting out seeds and small seedlings, giving perfect spacings for everything from peas and beans to cauliflowers. This beechwood ruler has pre drilled seed sowing holes with metric and imperial measurements. Use the ruler with the dibblet for depth accuracy when planting seeds. Can also be used to bat off irritating husbands and squash yucky slugs.

Paper potters are perfect - They cause minimal disturbance to your pocket and roots and eliminate the need to buy sowing and seedling pots. Make your own from old newspapers using this, the original wooden paper potter former. When seedlings are ready to plant out, transplant them in their bio-degradable paper pots. Boxed with full instructions. The resulting pots can be 6 cm high for the small potter and 9cm for the larger one.

This antiqued garden line is perfect straight for planting lines. Long spike keeps firmly in, in the lightest of soils Two decorative cast iron stakes hold 25 metres of natural jute. So much more stylish and practical than a broken bit of bamboo.


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