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  • Save a Dying Plant from the Supermarket #30DaysWild

Save a Dying Plant from the Supermarket #30DaysWild

Often there are times we see supermarkets selling plants outside the entrance ways around Spring and while I’ve not previously purchased a plant before, I’ve noticed how unloved they look.

Taking inspiration from TikToker ‘Plants with Krystal’, I thought I would try and rescue a plant from a supermarket. Twitter told me who might be the worst offender so I headed off to my local branch.

As soon as I took a look around the many shelves of varying plants, I could see a mixture of plants that were thriving, and others that really were in need of some watering, and just a little more attention than what they were getting.

I decided upon a
“Verbena Bonariensis” since I was thinking my garden needed more colour other than the concrete grey of slab tiles.

After making my purchase, I unpotted the plant carefully (although it wasn’t that hard since it was dry, and rootbound).

I prepared a bigger pot for the time being, some peat-free compost, and got to separating the roots out to give them more space.

Once all was done, I placed the plant into the new pot, added the compost, and gave it a good watering. In order to encourage new growth I cut off all the dry leaves, and even though it looks a bit bare for now, I’m confident it’ll bounce back. 💪

I’ll keep a close eye on the plant, give it a good drink and will update everyone on how it’s doing!

Can anyone guess the supermarket I bought this from? 😊 Add your ideas in the comments below!


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