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'The low-maintenance garden furniture that you can leave out all summer'

'The low-maintenance garden furniture that you can leave out all summer'

As a leading garden furniture specialist Stuart was interviewed by Hattie Garlick (real name) from The Telegraph recently and shared his expert knowledge on outdoor furniture.  You'll need to read the article (see link at the bottom) to see all thoughts but here are a few edited highlights proving (according to Stuart) that you can occasionally believe what you read in The Telegraph!

For newcomers buying pieces to furnish your garden, balcony, or even estate; how do you know which style is best for you? There are many different materials, finishes, shapes and sizes, and once you have decided on what you'd like, what are the best ways to maintain it all?

Weatherproof furniture certainly is an office favourite, particularly the brand Fermob.

"Aluminium is a great idea if you live by the coast, because it doesn’t rust,” suggests Stuart Isbister, the founder of garden furniture specialists, The Worm that Turned.

“It’s also light, which can be a plus, but if you’re putting your furniture anywhere exposed, like a rooftop or a balcony, you probably want to opt for sturdy steel instead.”

Luxembourg 165 x 100cm Tables by Fermob


Another office favourite is the Drachmann Bench for fans of traditional teak furniture.

In terms of maintenance for this type of furniture material, Stuarts explains:

“Do not treat it with teak oil. It’s a bit like painting the wood – once you do, you’ve entered into a maintenance cycle. So as long as you’re happy for it to turn a lovely silvery grey over time, just leave it.”

"Wash it gently with soapy water or a specialist cleaning product twice a year. Other than that, step away. Covering it in winter risks stifling the natural breathability of wood."

Drachmann Bench (6555871084604)
Drachmann Collection by Fritz Hansen's Skagerak


Between metal and teak furniture, Stuart says he's currently enjoying the Sticks Outdoor 2 Seater Sofa by Cane-line, as it is available with both the materials as options.

The unique design is new for 2024, and comes with plush and comfy cushions that are specifically made to last outdoors even if the rain starts pouring.

"Today’s garden sofas and scatter cushions can be made from quick-dry foam, designed to drain and dry very quickly."

"If there’s a downpour, you may want to turn them on their sides to drain. But the bottom is made of open-mesh webbing, so the water can drain through. The material’s all synthetic, so it won’t rot."

We recommend gently wiping down your cushions with mild detergent every three months in order to keep them long-lasting. Covers are also available if you'd like the ultimate protection from the ever-changing weather and/or bird mess.

Sticks Collection by Cane-line


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To read the full article on The Telegraph website, visit the link: "The low-maintenance garden furniture that you can leave out all summer" (Subscription required  - free 30 day trial available)


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