Outdoor 3D Illuminated Static Light Christmas Trees

Stunning Outdoor Christmas Trees with static warm white lights read more
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Fairybell 3D outdoor trees are some of the prettiest and the best made illuminated Christmas trees we have seen.

The trees have static warm white lights, they are easy to assemble and look gorgeous in gardens large and small.

There is also a gorgeous twinkling version of these lovely Christmas trees, see here for details.

For a multi-coloured dazzling tree find the 4 metre multi-coloured metre tree version here.

The plug needs to be plugged into inside mains, or into an outdoor plug with weatherproof housing.

They take about 15-25 minutes to assemble.

Choose from three sizes, depending on your outdoor space.

2 metre.
3 metre.
4 metre.
6 metre.

Please Note: 6 metre tree requires a separate flag pole due to the size of the tree. The flag pole can be purchased separately, 6 metre flagpole.

Please Note: We would highly recommend purchasing a 10m extension cable see here with your tree if you are looking to place it in the centre of your lawn, or away from an outdoor socket. Note that the 3 pin plug incorporates a low-voltage transformer so might be too big to be used in a wall mounted outdoor socket. Most customers use a 'dry box' to get round this an this also enables them to incorporate a timer and provide power for multiple lights.

Beware inferior outdoor trees with significantly fewer lights.

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