Tube of Single Species Wildflower Seeds

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Perfect to create a single flower display of native wildflowers. read more
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Create a dramatic display in either pots or the garden of single wildflower seeds to attract pollinating insects. Choose from either bright blue cornflowers or eye catching oxeye daisies.

These seed balls have been created by conservation scientists, which offer an new twist on ancient techniques to increase germination rates.

Native wildflowers are often slow to germinate with scattered seed eaten by ants, mice and birds. Seed balls help to reduce this by encasing the seeds in a protective ball of clay, compost and chilli.

The barrier of outer clay means the seed is inaccessible to predators but once water permeates the clay the seeds inside will germinate.

The chilli powder continues to deter slugs and snails whilst the seeds germinate.

The seed balls are very easy to use, simply scatter on top of soil or compost and let nature do the rest.

Bees are very much under threat and these seed balls are an easy way to grow delightful wild flowers which will attract any pollinating insects into the garden.

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