Bat Box - Double Chamber

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The oak bat box is a way of helping to protect the UK bat population read more
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Although UK bats are a protected species, bat numbers have decreased dramatically, due to the demise of natural habitats such as hedgerows, woodlands and ponds.

As all bats in the UK eat insects, they are a great form of natural pest control.

Many bat species roost in buildings and are, therefore, vunerable to building work or demolition.

You can help to encourage bats by putting up bat boxes or roosts. Bats use different roosts at different times of the year, but will return to the same roost annually. Bats do not bring bedding or make nests in their roosts, but simply hang upside down. In summer, the roosts are used for female bats to have their babies (maternity roosts). In winter, bats hibernate and will look for some where cool and quiet.

The bat box may be positioned 2.5-5 metres high on a building or a mature tree, more detailed instructions are included.

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