Edible Flower Cottage Garden Set

  • £39.95
Grow your own edible cottage garden flowers, delicious to eat, lovely to look at. read more
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A delightful gift for both culinary and cottage garden lovers alike contains everything you need to grow and harvest edible flowers for the kitchen.

The Edible Flower Set includes long bamboo plant labels to help identify your edible flowers.
Seed storage envelopes so you can save and store flower seeds to use in the following years, or even share edible flower seeds with other culinary cottage garden lovers.
A steel widger to help you thin and transplant your flower seeds and some handy little flower snips so you can harvest the flowers easily.
The cream wire basket is a lovely collecting basket for the edible flowers.

The edible flower seeds contains varieties such as violas, marigolds, borage and nasturtiums. Use the flowers in salads, desserts or a floral garnish.

Please Note: Edible flower variety may alter due to seasonal availability.

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