Osyrion Parasol LED Spot Light Sets

by Glatz Parasols

An easy and very versatile way to add LED lighting your outdoor seating areas. read more
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These outdoor parasol LED spot lights are a very easy way to light your outdoor seating area from underneath your parasol. They are suitable to be used and fixed on a wide variety of Glatz sunshade and parasol types.

The lights are fixed to a metal frame by the use of the magnetic base. Or they can also be held on to a wooden frame instead by the use of the rubber bands fixings.

Additional spot lights can be added into the same group.

The lights have 5 levels of light setting, from 10% through to 100% levels of light.

The light is is a warm white colour.

Each spot has 400 lumens of light, which is the equivalent to a 40 watt bulb. The lights take 4 hours to charge, the charge will last for 6 hours if used at 50% power setting.

The lights are controlled with a remote control.

There are 2 light sets available one with 2 sets of lights the other with 4 lights. Each set has its own remote control and charging pack.

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