Self Watering Wine Bottle Planter

  • £8.40
A rather fun way to ensure your houseplants have exactly the amount of water they need. read more
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This rather funky self watering glass planter is a bottle in disguise. The bottle has been cut into 2 parts so your house plant can be potted up into the inversed top half of the bottle and the bottom of the bottle is the water reservoir - ingenious...

With the drip wick you can let the plants control the amount of water they drink.

The water rises up the pot through the wick. So that the soil of your plants are never left dry from neglect and forgetfulness.

You can see through to the roots of your plants, adding another dimension.

Perfect for the less green fingered amongst us, who are worried about over watering those precious houseplants and a great gift for any houseplant lover.

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