Vintage Antiqued Dolly Tubs Set of 3

  • £179.95
These vintage style Dolly Tub planters are a lovely way to plant up tulips and bulbs. read more
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Plant tulips and other spring bulbs in this set of 3 vintage style planters. The planters have an antique finish and fluted body, this classic style is perfect for potting up.

The planters can also be planted up with Summer bulbs or tubers such as Dahlias for a beautiful blousy display of flowers.

Position the planters together as a group to create a stunning outdoor display of planting.

The planters do not have drainage holes although these can be easily knocked into the base, by turning the planter upside down and carefully knocking some nails into the base with a hammer. Take care to give the planter some support when doing this.

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