The Gin Bar Seeds

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Enhance your Gin or 'Sling' with this trio of fragrant and garnish worthy herbs. read more
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It may look like a rather whopping bar of chocolate but this GrowBar is a bar of a mix of colourful and tasty herbs to give a little extra zest to your G&T's.

Three varieties included are:
Lemon Basil gives a zesty zing to a classic Gin and Tonic.
Cucumber adds a crisp, refreshing lift to any gin cocktail.
Purple Wild Bergamot flowers make a pretty garnish and add a strong spicy flavour. They also are loved by the buzzy bees in the garden.

Easy to grow from February to September.

Simply place the The Gin Bar in the coconut fibre in a container and water.

Place on a sunny window sill to germinate. when the seedings have grown 4 leaves, pot on or plant out.

The seedlings can also be grown in pots or large containers in a greenhouse, on the balcony or a patio.

Plants grown in the ground with plenty of space and sunlight will flower most impressively.

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