The Tiny Tomato Seed Bar

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Cleverly curated tomato seeds perfect for your antipasto. read more
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It may look like a rather whopping bar of chocolate but this GrowBar is a bar of mix of cleverly curated tomato seeds, to provide the perfect tomatoes for salads and antipasto light bites.

Three annual varieties included are:
Gardener's Delight.
Outdoor Girl.
Yellow Pear Tom.

Easy to grow from February to May.

Simply place the Tiny Tomato Bar in the coconut fibre in a container then water.

Place on a sunny window sill to germinate. when the seedings have grown 4 leaves, pot on or plant out. The plants will be happy on the windowsill or in a greenhouse or conservatory. They may also be planted in a sunny weed-free spot in the garden.

Suitable for all gardeners and nature lovers alike. Easy....

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