Cane-line Rope

What is Cane-line Rope?

Cane-line Rope is produced by woven polypropylene (PP). The material has a soft surface that provides good support and an excellent sitting comfort over a long period of time.


Do not pull hard on the material as it can be stretched out of shape.


Cane-line Rope is ideal for outdoor use as it is UV-resistant, water-resistant and quick drying.

Rope maintenance and cleaning

Because the product is used outdoors over extended periods of time, regular cleaning with a soft brush and soapy water is important.


This ensures the removal of superficial soil and debris, such as leaves, berries, pollen and bird droppings, before they have a chance to build up and become more difficult to remove.


Storing your Cane-line Rope furniture

It is best to store your furniture on a covered terrace, patio or carport, where it is protected from the elements.


Alternatively, it can be left outside under a furniture cover. Please note, however, that condensation can form under the furniture cover, which can cause mould and mildew.


Therefore, make sure to lift the cover away from the furniture to ensure proper air circulation and minimise condensation.

For more information

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