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Stainless steel maintenance

While stainless steel is a very durable material, rust film can still build up on the surface. Rust film is tiny metal particles that attach to the surface and look like little red spots.


To avoid rust film, it is important to seal the surface with a thin layer of acid-free oil. This should be done before the furniture is used for the first time and then repeated a couple of times a year. In coastal areas, furniture is particularly susceptible to rust film and will therefore require treatment more often to retain its original look.

Tackling rust film

Apply the acid-free oil with a lint-free cloth. Take care not to use too much oil. The best effect is achieved with a very thin layer. Using too much oil can result in the surface feeling greasy.


Rust film caused by inadequate maintenance can be removed with the help of an ordinary household stainless steel polish. We recommend cleaning the furniture regularly with a micro fibre cloth and soapy water.


You can also use stainless steel cleaner, which is ready to order.


Storing stainless steel furniture

We recommend covering your furniture with a furniture cover in autumn and winter for protection against the elements.


Please note, however, that condensation can form under the furniture cover, which can cause mould and mildew. Therefore, make sure to lift the cover away from the furniture to ensure proper air circulation and minimise condensation.


If possible, it is best to store your furniture indoors during winter months to protect it from the elements.

For more information

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