Fermob Anti-Rust Treatments

Materials and Manufacture

Fermob uses steel and aluminium of the highest quality. Just like cars, high quality furniture doesn't rust anymore, at least not when it goes through an anti-corrosion treatment and special finishing paint.


Received in the form of sheets and reels, the steel is mechanically cut, folded and bent. It is also worked on in the factory's forge, to make parts that can only be handcrafted.


High Protection Treatment

All Fermob metal furniture carrying a two year guarantee undergoes a unique 13 stage process including phosphate coating. For a detailed explanation of this element of the process see the article at Wikipedia. It is then painted with with a 100% polyester anti-UV powder coating that preserves the furniture's colours. All other Fermob furniture goes through an additional cataphoresis process - explained further on...



Fermob metal products carrying a 3 year guarantee go through a 22 stage electrochemical coating process for metallic surfaces which is widely used in the motor industry owing to its penetration and long lasting life. For a more detailed explanation of this process see the article at Wikipedia. If not already used, this extra should be considered seriously if your furniture is likely to be subject to a very high degree of use or is near the sea.

This very high protection treatment can be applied to any item of Fermob furniture, but is an optional extra on products that only carry a two year guarantee. The extra process adds about one or two weeks to the manufacturing process and costs from £85/order. Please ask for a quotation. Remember this Very High Protection is standard on 3 year guarantee products. If in any doubt please call our furniture advice line on 0345 6052505.


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