Fermob Colour Stories - Sleek

Fermob Colour Stories

There has been a lot of consideration in Fermob’s extensive 24 colour chart, as each colour has been selected to fit within 3 colour stories - Organic, Sleek, and Vibrant.

The colours in between are called Transitional Tones, and are used to combine and blend the colours together.

Sleek Colour Story

The Sleek colour story demonstrates a monochrome, industrial chicness. Darker shades like Deep Blue and Liquorice add depth, yet is lifted with Cotton White and the metallic Steel Grey.

The colours are perfect if you want contemporary urban styling, but isn’t just restricted to city outdoor spaces - they would make a great juxtaposition in a leafy green, country garden.

Transitional Tones

The transitional shades for the Sleek colour story are Aubergine, Plum, Russet and Nutmeg. You can use these shades to transition the Sleek colours into the Vibrant colour story.

To learn more about transitional tones, click here.