Fermob Colour Stories - Transitional

Fermob Colour Stories

There has been a lot of consideration in Fermob’s extensive 24 colour chart, as each colour has been selected to fit within 3 colour stories - Organic, Sleek, and Vibrant.

The colours in between are called Transitional Tones, and are used to combine and blend the colours together.

Transitional Tones

Fermob’s Transitional tones are the colours that sit in between the three different Colour Stories. They can be used to tie two stories together to create a harmonious colour scheme.

Whilst obviously still working independently, these colours marry together the tones from one story to another.

For example, you can use Acapulco Blue to transition from Verbena, from the Organic story, to Storm Grey, from the Sleek story - see below.

Or you can try to marry together Red Ochre, from the Vibrant story, and Anthracite, from the Sleek story, with the Transitional colour Nutmeg - also see below.