The Guarantee Charter

Fermob furniture is manufactured using premium-quality materials and undergoes intensive testing in the company’s laboratories to current European standards (NF EN 581-1 and NF EN 581-2). Fermob has also been ISO 14001 certified since March 2010. It is designed to last, meeting the highest quality standards and superbly finished, making it ideal for both personal and professional use:

• Specific anti-corrosion treatments for outdoor use, applied at one of the best-performing facilities in Europe as part of a process that is exclusive to Fermob. See our Fermob Factory page here.

• Anti-UV powder coating undergoes AFNOR standardised tests for baking, hardness, resistance to scratching and to rust. Find out more about Fermob's anti-rust treatments here.

• Outdoor technical fabrics comply with the ISO 9002 quality assurance system, with optional fireproof treatment on request.

• Pads and caps protect bases and frames in contact with the ground and during folding.

• Furniture is subjected to resistance tests, such as the 100,000 x 100-kg blow test on chair seats, equivalent to 47 years of intensive use.

• Quality controls at every stage of the manufacturing process, right through to the packaging and dispatch phases.

When Fermob design products, they pay special attention to three key aspects:

• Making sure the piece will continue to fulfill its intended purpose for many years to come

• Anticipating how it will age as time passes

• Designing it so it is suited to customers’ requirements

As a manufacturer, they have a duty to guarantee that their products are fit for purpose, no matter how customers use them.

Fermob never stop listening to customers. That is why they have amended their European Furniture guarantee from 2019 to reflect painstaking laboratory testing and customer feedback.

A 5 Year Functional Guarantee and 2 Year Ageing Guarantee

As Fermob use only the highest-quality materials and finishes, they are now in a position to go one step further and offer two separate guarantees – a 5-year functional guarantee on all items of Fermob furniture, plus a 2-year ageing guarantee, provided that the product is used as per their recommendations.

Each of their products comes with a recommended usage setting (shown on the relevant product page) and broadly explained below:


Product designed for private use in non-public spaces such as gardens, winter gardens, patios, terraces and balconies.


Product designed for domestic use (see above) and professional use in supervised public spaces such as restaurants, outdoor pools, beaches and recreational facilities.


Mobile product, not fixed to the ground, designed for domestic and professional use (see above), plus professional use in unsupervised public spaces such as motorway service stations, public parks and squares that are accessible around the clock.

5-year functional guarantee

Fermob guarantees that products will remain fit for the purpose for which they were designed for 5 years. The guarantee covers all functional aspects of the product such as welding, fasteners, rivets and folding.

If a product is not used as per Fermob’s recommendations, the functional guarantee is reduced to 2 years.

2-year ageing guarantee

The speed at which a product ages depends on how carefully it is treated by customers. Please read the exclusions so you know how to care for and maintain your products.

The ageing guarantee covers premature and abnormal deterioration in the appearance of the product’s materials, such as corrosion, discolouration, stains and rings.

Please note that Fermob’s 2-year ageing guarantee applies in Europe (excluding Russia) only. Elsewhere, the guarantee is 2 years for aluminium furniture and 1 year for steel furniture.

The ageing and functional guarantees do not cover:

• Damaged, converted or modified furniture.

• Furniture not used as per Fermob’s recommendations.

• Any damage arising from insufficient care, or from failure to comply with the supplied instructions and advice for receiving, assembling, using, maintaining and storing furniture supplied to the customer.

• Rings or stains undeclared when unpacking (including stains related to a combination of humidity retention + heat).

• General wear and tear or natural fading of the materials used.

• Corrosion originating from scratches or abrasions that result from general wear and tear and which cannot be removed via standard cleaning and maintenance processes.

• Minor spots of rust under table tops and seats or on bases. These are a natural outcome of the material used (iron) and can be treated using the maintenance tools made available to customers by Fermob.

• Corrosion of stainless steel parts due to use in a confined, chlorinated environment.

• Corrosion of steel furniture (including stainless steel furniture) as a result of use in a coastal environment.

• Any changes in the visual appearance of wood that are directly linked to ageing. As wood is a living material, the appearance of its surface changes naturally over time.

• This guarantee is limited to reimbursement (with application of a reduction) or replacement of the product, and applies only upon presentation of the purchase receipt (cash register slip or purchase invoice).

Please do consult us before purchase if you are in any doubt about your usage setting or any of the conditions above.