Fermob Trends - Take it Inside

October - December 2021

During the dark winter months, it’s quite hard to think about a summery outdoor space, so why not bring the outside, in!

Just because Fermob furniture can be used outdoors doesn’t mean it won’t work inside your home, whether that be for relaxed dining, a cosy lounge area or even a cocktail bar.

The rich colours in the Fermob palette work great for this, because they can add depth to your indoor spaces.

The soft fabric on the Fermob Scatter Cushions also work well indoors, and there’s nothing stopping you from using the trays and lamps too.

Small side tables and trolleys will also come in very handy, and you could even accessories with a complementing trivet.

Accent with...

Pieces we love...

Be the host with the most and create your own cocktail bar using the Bellevie Bar Table and Stools. Accessories with Balad Lamps so you can create ambiance once the sun goes down.

The Sixties Dining Chairs are available in Red Ochre and Cactus, and are a really comfortable dining chair option. Combine with the extending Biarritz table, and tie the combination together with Cactus, Red Ochre and Acapulco Lighting.