Our First RHS Show Garden Sponsorship

The Worm that Turned are sponsoring a garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival for the very first time and it's fair to say we are excited and were delighted to be asked.

Working with Garden Designer Sarah Mayfield, we also provided a Fermob Mooon! Floor Lamp to act as the centrepiece of her design in the "Moonshadow Moth Garden".

The garden is truly a wonder, as her focus draws attention to moths; our often forgotten pollinators.

Particularly with the emphasis on sustainability and resilience in the garden, we were more than happy to sponsor such a unique idea for a garden, and to help in getting gardeners thinking about how our spaces can support our ecosystems during the day as well as the night.


Sarah Mayfield is a newly qualified garden designer from the Liverpool area.

Now living in Brighton, Sarah has been inspired by the South Downs and the East Sussex coast. After studying at the world famous Plumpton College, she teaches propagation, soil health and pruning.


Out of only nine planting pockets available, selected by the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, the theme of finding resilience in gardens is one of utmost urgency.

The concept of this garden explores a day-to-night garden, and what kind of exciting life can be found under the cover of darkness.

And when thinking of a garden at night, one can only expect the moths to come out and play!

Often overlooked, or even invisible at night, moths are pollinators and are important to our ecosystems.

The central feature of the garden is the “Moth Trap”. Simply taking a floor length Mooon! Floor Lamp, and covering with a white sheet; there will be much attraction from moths to the bright light during the night.


The Mooon! Floor Lamp is a practical, tall garden light with a wireless rechargeable LED, two levels of brightness, and two lighting styles: warm white and cool white.

The light acts as a theatrical talking piece to encourage people to talk about sustainability and resilience in the garden.

The Mooon! Floor Lamp is touch-operated under the sphere, or you can connect to the Fermob Lighting app via bluetooth where you’re able to set the light to your preference.

The garden design itself acts as a sanctuary, to provide a space for lively, informative conversation, and lastly; to allow for a seamless and beautiful day-to-night composition.


Featured in the garden are a wide variety of plants:

- Achilliea millefolium
- Alchemilla mollis
- Astrantia major
- Borago officinalis
- Briza media
- Buddleja davidii
- Cardamine pratensis
- Crataegus monogyna ‘Compacta'
- Deschampsia cespitosa
- Digitalis purpurea
- Dipsacus sativus
- Echium vulgare
- Foeniculum vulgare ‘Purpureum'
- Fragaria vesca
- Galium verum
- Lamium maculatum
- Leucanthemum vulgare
- Liatris spicata ‘Alba'
- Lonicera periclymenum
- Lotus corniculatus
- Nepeta
- Origanum vulgarde
- Phlox drummondii
- Rosa canina
- Thymus serpyllum L.
- Valeriana officinalis
- Verbena bonariensis
- Verbena hastata
- Zaluzianskya ovata


In Britain, we have 2,500 species of moths, however there has been a strong decline of 28% since 1968, where in the South, in particular, is down by a staggering 40%.

The focus on the Moonshadow Moth Garden is to show gardeners what to consider when they start planting, and how they can keep an entire lifecycle of a moth in mind so they can help the ecosystem.


Mooon! Floor Lamp

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With our first RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival Sponsorship, we'd love for you to share in our joy, so we're giving away 10 tickets to this year's festival!

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For more information

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