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Lyon Beton

It's concrete like you've never seen it before.

It's concrete like you've never seen it before. Working with artists and designers, Lyon-Beton open themselves to creating objects or works of art, as opposed to purely pieces of furniture.

They specialise in combining creativity, aesthetics and practicality to produce unique (and often unusual) contemporary designs.

Concrete works of art

Passionated (sounds better in French!) by the technical and plastic possibilities of the material, Lyon-Beton have created unique pieces of furniture with a unique style of concrete, specially designed for the manufacture of furniture.

One of our favourites is the Hauteville Chair, a contemporary image of the chair of the 50’s but recast in this relatively lightweight material. Unexpected flexibility and comfort.

The special care they take in their finishes respects the grain so specific of the concrete, according to the intention of the designer, a soft and pleasant to touch or gross roughness around the edges. This technical expertise allows them to offer collections with neat corners and curves, emphasizing the unique character of the concrete and all that surrounds it.

Made in France - in Lyon (Beton means concrete in French).

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