Artisan Teardrop Insect Hotel

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Delightful artisan fair trade insect hotel. read more
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This delightful Artisan Insect Hotel is handmade to the highest quality finish using natural sea grass and recycled saris.

Please Note:
Each of these insect hotels are handmade using recycled fabrics, therefore each is different and unique. The colours will vary slightly to the photograph on the website.

The insect hotel offers a cosy place for lacewings, solitary bees, ladybirds etc. during harsh winter months. The insect hotel is full of bamboo tubes which allows the insects to safely hibernate during the winter months.

Hang from a tree, shrub or from a nail on a sheltered outdoor wall or fence.

This Fair Trade product helps both wildlife and people. In addition to helping wildlife you’ll be supporting the Artisan workers in Southern Bangladesh who make these products.

Funding the survival of many women and their families from rural communities in desperate poverty.

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