Belvedere Rectangular Planting Beds

by Biohort

Use the Belvedere planting bed as a plant filled 'outdoor room' divider. read more
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The sleek streamlined steel Belvedere raised planters by BioHort can help create a living plant filled garden divider for your patio or terraced areas. The width is only 50cm so it is a sleek option which is be suitable for use on larger balconies as well as patio or terraced areas.

Choose from practical L shaped units to smaller individual square or rectangular shapes.

With a stylish design, rounded corners and discreet screw connections, the planter is an elegant and practical addition to a terrace area.

The planter has an 'intermediate' floor which is included as standard this helps reduces the volume of the bed depending which height you close to set the floor. This saves the use of unnecessary compost or soil and reduces the overall weight of the planter. This intermediate floor is simply installed at the desired height during assembly.

There is also an opening for watering hosepipes on the narrow side side of the planter.

Various addition accessories can be added to the Belvedere to give extra flexibility.
This includes:
Skirting for the Belvedere.
Planter Insert.
Trellis for the Belvedere and the L-shaped Belvedere.
Privacy Screen for the Belvedere.

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