Blackbird Nester

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Blackbirds are fiercely territorial and mate for life. The site they choose to build their nest is crucial to their breeding success. This nest platform offers the perfect start to a nesting pair and, if positioned correctly, will offer years of nesting opportunity. It has been designed based on years of field observations by naturalist Simon King.

Whilst the nester is large enough to attract blackbirds, it may also be used by other garden birds such as robins, wagtails and spotted flycatchers.

It can be sited on any vertical surface, from the wall of a shed to a fence, post or tree.

Most birds, including blackbirds, look for secluded positions to raise their young. Tucked high up at the back of an open log shed, inside a quiet porch or hidden against an ivy clad wall are all good spots.

Blackbirds tend to nest from 1.5m to 3m off the ground.

Robins may use the platform if it is well hidden in vegetation or in an open shed or other structure.

Spotted flycatchers tend to nest higher off the ground under the eve of a building or in an ivy clad tree.

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