Candy Meadow Mix Seeds

Candy Meadow Mix Seeds (7128386011196)
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Grow your own gorgeous brightly coloured flower meadow. read more
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As colour explodes, you can expect ever-changing combinations of sweet purples, playful yellows, radiant reds and splashes of wispy whites and baby blues producing stunning 'eye-candy' effects.

Please note to ensure the best display the ground will need to be prepared as the instructions on the packet including clearing the area of weeds etc.

Sow in the Spring between March to May/ early June just as the soil is warming up.

An Autumn sowing is possible for an early flowering display – but may result in the loss of some, or all, of the display in a severe winter.

Sow in any open, sunny location which gets at least a couple of hours of sunshine.

A shady position will result in patchy growth and poor flowering.

Sow into average, free draining garden soil but treat them as any other typical garden plant but try and find the sunniest spot for the best results.

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