Dutch Oven Cooking Pot

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Cooking outside round the campfire - nothing better than the traditional way. read more
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What great fun to gather round the campfire, whether it be on a beach on a balmy Summer evening, or snuggling round on an Autumn evening and using just fire embers to cook some wonderful campfire tucker.

The Dutch Oven is a cast iron cooking pot which was used by the first European settlers crossing America. It is very stable due to its 3 legs, and the heavy lid means that food will cook and simmer it their own juices - making for great stews and casseroles.

The high rim of the lid means embers can be put on the top of the lid giving an extra cooking level. Use this for cooking potatoes, pizza, or bread.

Supplied with a lid lifter to remove the lid easily during cooking. (Always have an oven glove or cloth to hand as the cast iron will get very hot.)

The Dutch cooking pot is also available as part of the Dutch Oven Cooking Set see here.

Can also be used in conjunction with tripod and steel hanging chain.

Need more useful help and advice on wood fires, then see the wood fire handbook by Vincent Thurkettle.

And why not add here Kiln dried or Seasoned hardwood logs and Kindling so that you can get cooking straight away.

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