Fermob Festival Green Lighting Bundle

by Fermob Outdoor Lighting

Add extra ambiance to your outdoor space with this LED table side stool and LED Mooon table light. read more

This product is no longer available from our store please see the description section for similar ideas

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The combination of the lnouï outdoor side table light and the Mooon table light by Fermob offer stylish, functional and practical lighting for your outdoor space. Allowing you to have both a beautiful table lantern to light your outdoor table, along with the lnouï side table /stool which will also add ambient mood lighting to your patio or outdoor area.

The lnouï light has a wireless rechargable LED, with 4 levels of brightness from soft to bright, the LED will give you between 7 to 13 hours of light before needing to be recharged. The lnouï is controlled with a switch or remotely using the integrated Bluetooth system compatible with the Fermob lighting app. Look for 'Fermob Lighting' on your app store.

The Mooon table light is a wireless rechargeable LED, with 4 levels of brightness, from soft to bright. The LED will give you 8 to 16 hours of light, before needing to be recharged.

Both lights are suitable for use outdoors.

Available in Cactus green.

This bundle is not available now but see here for the individual products. lnouï light Mooon table light

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