Filberts Bees Lip Balm

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Filberts Original Lip Balm -

Combines essential ingredients for longer lasting protection outdoors with a high beeswax content.

Contains tea tree oil for sore lips and propolis, which bees use to protect their hives against the wind and rain.

A firm balm. Great in hot climates, as it will remain solid at high temperatures, this is a balm for those who want extra wax protection.

To apply: draw your finger nail rather than your finger tip through the salve, to get a small amount onto the top surface of the nail, then apply.

These have now sold out, see here for the lip balms in gift sets

Filberts Luxury Lip Balm -

A nourishing, smooth lip balm with a glossy feel.

This combines the natural goodness of almond and olive oil, nourishing and exotic coconut butter, a boost of vitamins from avocado oil and beeswax for a protective barrier. Luxurious with a glossy feel, it is highly effective.

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