Kadai Fire Pit Beads

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Insulate and prolong the life of your Kadai with these terracotta beads. read more
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Line the bottom of your Kadai before adding fuel such as wood or charcoal to insulate it.

Benefits of using the beads:
Charcoal and wood will burn hotter and longer on the beads.
It will help insulate decking or the patio from the heat from the Kadai. The beads will also give protection to your Kadai from the heat and ash.

Use Kadai beads rather than sharp sand to prolong the life of your Kadai bowl.

They can be cleaned easily by rinsing using the Kadai metal riddle, they allow the water to run through the bowl and through the drainage hole easily. Why not try the Kadai shovel for easy removal of the Kadai beads.

2kg is recommended for a 60cm Kadai.

4kg is recommended for a 70cm or 80cm Kadai.

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