Large Citronella Candle in a Bucket

A seriously huge bucket of a garden candle... read more

This product is no longer available from our store please see the description section for similar ideas

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A paint bucket size size candle, fragranced with citronella to keep mossies away and an extra thick outdoor wick so the candle won't get blown out in the wind!

Practical and manly - with a handle to carry it, with a clip lid to keep it clean and dry when not in use - and a fantastically long burn time of 50 hours.

Take camping, glamping, beach parties or just alfresco parties.

And as we say to all our customers when they buy candles from us in our shop ....... " remember when you light a candle allow all the top of the candle to become molten wax before blowing out. That way when you come to re-light it on another occasion the candle will burn evenly across not just down the middle of the candle ."

... It means you get your monies worth and maximum burning time from your candle:)

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